Hi, I’m Chloé, I’m a photographer with a great love for all things wedding! 

Growing up in the stunning backdrop of the Lake District, Cumbria, I spent the majority of my teenage years with camera in hand. What more could a young girl with a taste for photography ask for, mountains, lakes, forests, wildlife, the list goes on…

At the age of 19 my desire for photography took me on an adventure to the South of England where I studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging, specialising in photography, in Surrey, where I met my wonderful Hubby.

As the years went on, further South I travelled as I began to build my life with my better half, and now here I am, in the Garden of England living my dream career as a photographer.

Now, why weddings you may ask…well, I am a softy for fairytales and how much closer can you get to a real life fairytale than a wedding day? I’m a hopeless romantic and I do warn you, Im a crier…but that’s what makes it so special, it is not just a job for me, I get to live real life fairytales year in and year out.

So to the Brides, the Grooms and everyone involved on those special days, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your fairytale.